First Cliste Hospitality Quarterly Briefing of 2024

At Cliste Hospitality, we believe in fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration. That’s why our team gathers quarterly to discuss strategies and share updates. This ensures everyone across all departments stays informed and aligned.

As Ireland’s leading White Label Hotel Operator, our cohesive approach is the cornerstone of our success in every project we undertake. This recent meeting at Radission Cork for the 1st Quarterly Briefing of 2024 was a testament to that commitment.

Sean O’Driscoll, Director of Hotels at Cliste Hospitality, echoed this sentiment, stating: “It was great to bring all the Cliste Hospitality team together recently for our quarterly strategy update and discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the hospitality sector. We are very fortunate to have a team of experienced hospitality experts with a range of skills to deal innovatively with the challenges and maximise the opportunities. Thank you team!”