Water is a key resource for our quality of life, the things we grow and produce. It also provides natural habitats and eco-systems for our plant and animal species.

To ensure that we do not waste this invaluable resource we have implemented a water monitoring and management programme in all our properties.

We analyse water consumption live and on a daily basis through smart metering provided by Smart Flow ensuring that leaks are identified in a timely manner and measures are then taken immediately to repair.


We also use this analysis to confirm that our consumption is in line with industry benchmarks.

We have implemented measures to reduce consumption in all properties including aeration technology and urinal management.

Aerators reduce the flow in showerheads and taps while still providing our guests with an enjoyable showering experience.

With laundry responsible for up to 16% of water usage in hotels our towel and linen reuse programme contributes significantly to our water reduction programme and has the added benefit of prolonging the lifespan of towels and linen, thus reducing manufacturing emissions.

All wastewater is disposed of in line with relevant legislation.