Agility Hospitality

Cliste Hospitality partners with Agility Hospitality

Hospitality management and consultancy company, Cliste Hospitality, has partnered with Agility Hospitality as part of its ongoing investment in more efficient hotel operations.

Cliste Hospitality explored both a LEAN and a Six Sigma approach to efficiency in 2019 and following extensive research adopted both processes into their business.

Agility Hospitality, spearheaded by Tom McDermott, help hospitality and tourism businesses to deliver greater value to customers by streamlining their processes. After some initial collaboration projects, Cliste Hospitality has decided to partner formally with Agility Hospitality in order to really drive a culture of LEAN thinking and continuous improvement across their organisation.

Group Director of Operations for Cliste Hospitality, Chris Austin says, “As one of the first hospitality businesses to adopt the methodology of Six Sigma we have made LEAN management and continuous improvement a core pillar of our organisation. Key to hospitality recovery in this post-Covid world will be looking at our efficiencies from the top down and identifying waste in the way we operate, reducing this and continuing to take a holistic approach to efficiency. It makes perfect sense therefore to partner with Agility Hospitality who are an expert in this field and we’re really looking forward to working with them.”

“We’re excited about the partnership with Cliste Hospitality,” Tom McDermott, Managing Director of Agility Hospitality says. “There is a real opportunity to change the perception that Six Sigma and LEAN methodologies are not applicable to the hospitality and tourism sector. I feel that by partnering with Cliste in this way, we can prove together that there is a real benefit to this approach fostering teamwork, open communication and collaboration amongst all departments.”

About Agility Hospitality.

Tom McDermott created Agility Hospitality to provide continuous improvement training and bespoke LEAN transformation projects specifically tailored for the hospitality and tourism sector. Before establishing Agility Hospitality, Tom worked internationally for Starwood, Cunard, Radisson and subsequently Hilton where he led their innovative “Operational Excellence” continuous improvement programme across Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Tom holds a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt and recently completed a Certificate in Data Analytics for Business from DKIT and a Professional Diploma in Transversal skills at UCD and TU Dublin. He is a passionate advocate of the “bottom-up & leader-led” approach to continuous improvement where leaders create an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships that unleashes team member creativity.