Cognisant of the significant environmental impact of energy usage in our properties we have implemented an Energy Management programme in all hotels. Each hotel has a designated Energy Manager who has received training relevant to the task of reducing energy in hotels.

We monitor and record energy consumption through sub metering and our online platform which allows us to compare against previous years and to set future targets. Where targets are set, each property will receive notification if they breach the target, allowing them to react immediately to ensure energy is kept within projected targets.


In January 2019 we set a target of a 25% reduction in energy over 5 years and to date we are well on the way to achieving this with a 19% reduction in energy achieved against our baseline year of 2018.
To assist with the delivery of the national carbon reduction targets of 51% by 2030 and 100% by 2040 we are preparing a register of opportunities with an emphasis on replacing existing plant with renewable and more efficient alternatives. We have also set a target of installing systems that will produce at least 20% of our overall electricity consumption by 2026.

We currently have energy contracts to purchase 100% renewable electricity across all our properties and contracts signed for the purchase of 100% green gas in five properties from January 2023. We are in negotiations with a supplier of LPG to purchase Bio LPG for the remaining properties in our portfolio. Once these measures are in place and independently verified, we are positioned to be Irelands first fully zero carbon hotel group by January 2024.