Recognising that poor waste management contributes to climate change and air pollution, and directly affects many ecosystems and species, we have taken several steps to minimize waste throughout our operations including reducing single use plastics, single use items, food waste and packaging waste.

Preventing food waste is prioritised at our hotels. Our food waste is assessed each month by an external consultant, ProfitWatch, and benchmarked against industry standards. This food waste management programme has already reduced CO2 emissions by 404 tonnes and at a reduction of 46% to date sees us perfectly aligned with Ireland’s goals as set out by the Food Waste Charter 2017, which sees us committed to a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030.


Any unavoidable food waste is treated in the most resource efficient way possible. The food waste is transported sustainably in biogas fuelled vehicles to the Food Surplus Management facilities in Co. Meath where the food is then sent to an anaerobic digestor to be converted into biogas which is used in the generation of 100% green electricity, for information find out here.

Recycling plays a key part in our sustainability strategy. We have implemented a waste separation program in all properties and all staff are trained in recycling at induction.

We have replaced single use shower amenities with larger, refillable, pump bottles, significantly reducing plastic waste across the Group.

We take all opportunities to donate unused furniture to local charities or Men’s Sheds for re use or repurposing.

We maintain public pathways outside our properties ensuring that they are litter free at all times.
All waste streams generated at our properties are disposed of in accordance with any relevant legislation and we ensure that our waste collectors are valid permit holders.